Christie Lee Kennedy & The Mainstream Media Have Fooled Australia

Christie Lee Kennedy & The Mainstream Media Have Fooled Australia

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David Larkin is the man Christie Lee Kennedy stalked and ran down with her BMW in the Brisbane suburb of Wavell Heights in March 2021.

The media has deliberately and falsely reported that David was “cheating”.

It’s come to light that this is NOT true. David had separated from his wife. They were no longer together at the time of the incident. David had communicated this. It seems it was true that they were still cohabiting but they were not together. It was after that he had communicated this and that they were no longer together that he began a relationship with Zowie Noring.

During the court case it was revealed that David broke up with her “about 3 months” before she stalked him, hunted him down and ran over him and the woman he was in a new relationship with.

David’s claim that he had separated from his wife was substantiated in court with time stamped text messages confirming they had communicated about this and that he had clearly stated the relationship was over.

Christie Lee Kennedy told Larkin that the relationship was not over and she was going to continue working on the relationship with him. In her heart and emotionally, she “identified” that they were still in a relationship. Her pronouns were: we, us. In reality, they were: I, alone.

The media reported on Kennedy’s subjective relationship identity. In her sociopathic reality, he was cheating on her. The media based their reports on her fantasy. The only problem with this is, here on earth in the real reality which we all exist in, David was NOT in a relationship with her anymore. Therefore, he was not cheating on her. Zowie Noring was not his “mistress”. She was his new relationship. Not that anyone should care about any of this. It’s peculiar that this would be the focus. It seems the feminists have used this allegation of cheating, to smear David’s reputation, in order to justify this act of domestic violence. (This play is called Mary Media and is literally taken straight out of the feminist text book How To Destroy A Man Now).

If the media was reporting the matter honestly it would state something like “Jealous ex attacks ex-husband with new partner in an act of shocking domestic violence“. This would be a more truthful depiction.

Furthermore, sources close to the couple have shared that over the 15 year relationship Kennedy was regularly physically violent toward Larkin.

Zowie Noring was quite severely injured in the attack. Feminists all over Australia have attacked her chararcter with their online vitriol. David reportedly encouraged Zowie to flee the scene immediately and take care of herself. She initially stayed but after being run down Kennedy returned to the scene. Kennedy grabbed Noring by the hair and repeatedly punched her in the head while screaming insults at her. It was only after this that Noring ultimately fled to tend to her wounds but only after Larkin implored her to do so. Noring’s response through the entire ordeal has been anything but cowardice.

Zowie Noring has stood by David and it has been said by several people that she has been very supportive and kind.

Kennedy’s lawyers demanded a jury primarily of women. The result at the trial was a hung jury which was then reported by the media as her being found “not guilty”.

Kennedy has been publicly celebrated by feminists all over the country for her actions.

The mainstream media didn’t refer to Kennedy’s actions as domestic violence. It was presented as revenge for being unfaithful: it was his fault and she was just responding. However, the journalists, it seems all of them, concealed the fact he’d broken up with her months before moving on.

Kennedy, instead of accepting the disappointment and moving on with a new relationship, installed a tracking device and unlawfully stalked her ex partner’s activities. The media has implied that she was “innocently” trying to ascertain if he was cheating on her. This behaviour isn’t innocent though. It’s coercive control and very illegal for a man to do this to a female partner while still in a relationship. It’s worse though. Because Kennedy is saying that she was still in a relationship but they had been separated for months. So, in Queensland where the offence occurred, is clearly an act of Unlawful Stalking under section 359 of the Criminal Code.

It seems David was innocent and did do the right thing every step of the way. He was concealing his new relationship out of fear of what his ex-wife might do. Apparently, he was smart to try and do this.

We posted this information to social media earlier today. A feminist contacted us claiming that we were “just defending David” and the information we published was untrue. We should clarify that David has not been in touch with us. We are not publishing this information on David’s behalf, he has not requested this and we wouldn’t do it if he, or anyone else, paid or otherwise requested us to. We’ve obtained this information from a range of sources. It was fairly easy to get. We are NOT professional journalists.

One of the heroes in this story is David’s new partner Zowie. She was the most injured in this act of domestic violence perpetrated by Kennedy. (This shows how easily women are injured in comparison to men). Zowie has stuck with David through all this in a principled balanced manner. Zowie supported him through the court case and spoke truthfully and courageously. Zowie has been castigated in MSM with dishonest headlines about “cheating”. Then in turn from social media and apparently in real life too. From her perspective, she’s just started dating someone who had a past, like everyone does. You could argue that 3 months is a bit quick. However, Zowie wouldn’t have known that David’s ex-wife is a sociopath that has a fantasy that their relationship is “not over until she says so”. Australia should celebrate, not denigrate, women like Zowie, who make a principled stand like this. We’ve heard these positive reports from a couple of sources regarding her actions through this ordeal, so it was worth mentioning.


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