Concerning feminism.

Concerning feminism.

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At DVAA we value equality. Therefore we oppose all ideologies that are at odds with working toward equality. Feminism actively works against equality. Feminism has never been about equality. It has always been about violence and misandry. It started as a terrorist movement. It’s not true that it was “once good but then became bad”.

At DVAA, we are not opposed to every individual who calls themselves a feminist. To be clear, we’re against feminism not every individual feminist. We still believe in the human rights for anyone who identifies as a feminist. There are some brilliant feminists in the world such as Christina Hoff Sommers and Camille Paglia who are genuine and are thoughtful of the welfare and human rights of men. They are a rarity though. We believe that no individual feminist should be harmed arbitrarily. But feminism’s morally depraved and antisocial ideas should be fervently opposed openly and directly.

Feminism is deceptive and publicly asserts that it is about equality. Some people honestly believe this and are genuinely interested in equality and therefore state they are a feminist. If someone is genuinely purposing toward gender equality and happens to call themselves a feminist, that is acceptable. It is understandably confusing because this is the use of the word in our culture and it is the literal dictionary definition. This is doesn’t mean that the definition of the word “feminism” is correct.

To form an accurate definition of what feminism is we need to objectively look at the statements and claims of feminist leaders, feminists in general and their behaviour. When we do this we can see consistent traits such as violence, dishonesty, misandry and tyranny.

If a white person and claimed they were working toward racial equality and referred to themselves and their new movement as a “whitist” and a “whitism” movement. If they said it was about equality but then worked towards gathering privileges for only people with white skin and harsh mistreatment about people with non-white skin, then they are being dishonest. The person is probably most accurately described as a white supremacist. It’s reasonable and rational to think the same about feminism and feminists.

This doesn’t remove the need to support women and advance human rights for women. There are still many issues women face that require support. This is a noble cause which we would fully recommend and support. It’s entirely okay to choose to focus on women’s issues and support women. But you don’t need to be a feminist to do this. You don’t need to demonise and harm men in order to support women. Any individual can choose to support people as an egalitarian.


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