Feminism & Other Hate Groups

Feminism & Other Hate Groups

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All hate groups, cults and wayward political parties have held their elaborate theories that their group members are taught. The beliefs seem to exist to forge unity within the group and justify actions causing harm and/or neglect of the target outside group. Without the beliefs of the group, the individual would never commit the actions as an individual. Common sense, morals and society would not permit it. But with the groups endorsement, justification and momentum, each of the individuals commit horrendous actions in the name of the group.

Hitler taught that the Jews were purposefully undermining the state for their own selfish economic gain. There was a complex theological and sociological series of beliefs taught that had very little foundation in truth. One of the charges the Nazis made against the Jews is that they were the “Christ killer”. To a Christian living in 20th Century Germany the idea of a group of people being responsible for killing your God might have been some cause for concern. It’s sort of true that the Jews killed Jesus. However, historians argue today that it’s more accurate to say the Romans killed Jesus. But the more inconvenient logical flaw in the Nazi’s argument is that Jesus was himself a Jew. Anyway, we all know how this one went.

Apartheid was built upon an obscure theology held by some members of the Dutch Reformed Church, known as the “Curse of Ham”. Noah’s son was supposedly cursed and he supposedly had black skin. The curse supposedly means that Ham’s children would serve Noah’s other children in perpetuity. The sect’s modern interpretation of this left field theological belief caused to them to think that, to fulfil their belief in the bible and do God’s will, the curse needed to be enforced literally and politically in South Africa, in the 20th century.

Muslim jihadist terrorists honestly believe they are fighting a holy war. There are all sorts of pathetic attempts by modern woke lefties to spiritualise Jihad and have developed the idea that Jihad as an internal spiritual struggle. Now, hopefully most muslims throughout the world interpret it this way. It seems most Muslims do. The problem is, Islam was founded by Muhammad. Muhammad wrote the Qur’an. And Muhammad killed a lot of people. If the original leader did it and wrote about it in a book and the followers today are reading that book and doing what he did then it is common sense to deduce that the behaviour is a feature, not a flaw, of the religion.

These terrorists believe that by killing infidels they are doing god’s will and improving the world by removing dangerous infidels. It’s a frightening idea that this “selfless act” of martyrdom which is believed to have the added benefit of receiving a gift of 72 virgins post mortem. Not only is the act of suiciding bombing unfathomably horrific, the thought the motivation for the act is obtaining 72 virgins against their will is inconceivably depraved.

None of these hate groups are founded without any cause for concern. There is some truth to all of these theories. There are many intelligent kind people who get caught up in these hate groups. By the end of a listening to a speech by President Joe Biden a lot of Americans have thought that the U.S. is in a bad way. They know that something should be done about it. But most people don’t go and join ISIS. They just focus on working to get a better leader in charge of their democratic country.

Thomas Sowell has pointed out that the economic success of Jewish people is no accident. As a people, Jews have a much higher than average IQ compared to other populations. Due to historical marginalisation, Jews were not permitted in many industries and therefore were, in many countries, forced to work in specific jobs such as money lending. Christians were not allowed to loan money to Christians and Muslims were not permitted to loan money to muslims. Jews were permitted, in many countries, in many times, to mediate complex financial transactions between people from different countries and religions. They were good at this because they had to be. They were also good at because they were, on average, more intelligent.

Of course there were individual Jews who did illegal and selfish things but for Hitler, or even Mel Gibson, to claim in the 20th century, after centuries of marginalisation, that they were somehow purposefully responsible for Germany’s poor economic situation, was a deliberate deception to gain tyrannical power.

Feminism Is Just Another Hate Group

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We see the same arguments from feminists that these other hate groups make. They are taught peculiar ideas that are entirely mythical inventions. The Nazis believed in the Jewish cabal of economic terrorists. The apartheid-ists believed in the Curse of Ham and their responsibility to maintain the curse to fulfil their religion. Feminists believe that the enemy is the “patriarchy” and that all or any man should be punished because the patriarchy had previously caused harm to women.

Religions claim that you can only be saved through belief and observance to their beliefs. Feminists claim that women can only be saved by faith in feminism alone. Once united with feminists they work together to “smash the patriarchy”. They’ve been doing this for over 100 years since they burned people alive, sprayed men with acid and slashed them with blades arbitrarily on the streets.

What Is The Patriarchy?

It’s difficult to get a coherent answer from a feminist when asking them to define the “patriarchy”. It seems to be any man they don’t like. It seems they only consider a mans role in terms of power because feminism is obsessed with obtaining power. Feminism doesn’t even consider duty, obligation and consequences.

The way life works is that responsibility comes with competency and capability. Authority is proportionate to responsibility. In the homo sapiens species, women give birth and are responsible for raising children through infancy. This is, in part, because women are capable of breastfeeding and men are not biologically capable of breastfeeding. Men are stronger than women and therefore more capable at hunting. Men were responsible for hunting and using their strength to protect women and children. Women are higher in trait neuroticism. They are less emotionally stable than men. Emotional stability is key trait necessary for effective leadership. Men were required to hunt and gather food for the family. A woman was privileged to stay in the home and have a competent and capable man to go out and hunt to provide for her. The man was responsible for protecting her and the children from wild animals and any attackers. As the man had greater responsibility he had proportionately greater authority. If it was his responsibility to protect the family with his life then he could instruct where to go and at what time because he was responsible to protect the family with his life. If they didn’t want his protection they could choose to leave but they would die without his protection and provision. Men are primarily concerned with their duty of keeping the family safe and alive. This is still true today.

As human civilisation developed, instead of exclusively hunting for food, men developed increasingly specific skills which could be traded with others in a village. This of course is where we get the term “tradie”. Villages developed into cities and empires and skirmishes became wars. Chiefs became Kings and then Kings became Emperors and when Emperors fought, farmers from their regions were called upon and forced to become soldiers to fight for their Emperor. In nearly, every society on every continent on Earth, when it came to war women were privileged and allowed to stay at home. Feminists like to claim that if women had all the power there would have been no war. This is an utterly ridiculous claim. The nature of the universe is violent. The only way humans enjoy nonviolence is if a lot of good men work very hard to maintain an unnatural peace to primarily benefit women. Throughout history there have been many many Queens who have held sovereign power over their country. A comprehensive study found that Queens were 38.8 percent more likely to participate in wars than kings. Throughout history, when women are in leadership a lot of men die unnecessarily. All men know this. Women weren’t excluded from sovereign power because they only wanted the “patriarchy” to remain in power. Men just didn’t want to die because they had an emotionally unstable sovereign leader.

As men developed specific trades, guilds were formed and the best workers from these trades ran these guilds which were responsible for teaching best practices. These guilds developed increasing power. Eventually these guilds became unions and as cities and countries developed and turned into democracies, unions gained increasing political power. Trades were not only for functional exchange of good and services but also for intellectual property and transactions. The trades in this space are known as law, accounting and business. The most skilled and dedicated workers in this space also garnered increased responsibility, duty and corresponding authority.

All of these occupations have still been underpinned by the primary motivation of the hunter who existed thousands of years ago. Men are going out to hunt to get provisions for their wife and their family. Some of these men are literally still fishermen. Some of these men are lawyers or politicians. The power that comes with these roles is not the goal it’s just a necessary function. Power is a necessary function of leadership to enact a mission to obtain a goal. As men increase in competency and therefore in the hierarchy they attain corresponding power. While this comes with benefits it also comes with proportionate duty and also scrutiny. The higher you are the more people you are competing with and therefore more is expected. Men aren’t primarily concerned with this. Ultimately, men are just trying to “catch food” to bring home to their family.

Feminists Smash The Patriarchy

These elaborate feminist theories permit any woman who is a member of feminism to charge anything or anyone as belonging to the patriarchy and commit any act to destroy it, with impunity. It doesn’t matter if he, or his company or organisation, is innocent. According to their beliefs, he has immense power and is guilty because, as a man, he is an extension of the patriarchy and therefore culpable. He can be robbed, he can be assaulted or he can be murdered. He can be falsely accused because the truth is, according to the feminist, he is personally guilty and can be held accountable, without a trial, for any immoral act that has ever been committed against a woman by any man. Of course this is childish and a truly evil thought process akin to all the other hate groups mentioned. The difference is feminism has killed far more innocent people than any of the other hate groups.

Why should an individual black woman in South Africa be punished under apartheid because of some obscure religious extrapolation about an event, that probably didn’t even happen, 2500 years ago on another continent. The answer is, she shouldn’t. Apartheid was wrong and so people, of all races, who believed in equality of opportunity, individual merit, personal liberty and responsibility, universal human rights and the rule of law rebuilt South Africa. Now it wasn’t all one way as we often hear it. The black PAC party nearly beat Mandela. Their slogan was “one white, one bullet“. They literally wanted to commit genocide against white south Africans. Of course, on the otherside, there were plenty of devoted Dutch reformed Christians who believed in perpetuating the mythical millennia old curse and opposed Mandela and De Klerk’s efforts towards a peaceful shift towards establishing a comprehensive democracy that acknowledged individuals from every race.

Why should an individual white man in Australia today be punished under feminism because of their obscure beliefs about the past?

The answer is, he shouldn’t.


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