How To Destroy A Man NOW & Other Feminist Misandrist Training Manuals

How To Destroy A Man NOW & Other Feminist Misandrist Training Manuals

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“…in order to attract the proper attention, the post title and content you craft need to include scandalous allegations about the man victimizing others by violating legal or ethical standards. Anything shocking can work, but crimes of a sexual and violent nature against women and/or children seem to work best. A
few examples include rape or sexual assault, physical assault (e.g., beating women), and pedophilia.

-Excerpt from DAMN Destroy A Man Now

How To Destroy A Man NOW, aka DAMN, is a feminist training manual widely available online that teaches women how to destroy a man’s life through false accusations. We see in detail how they use these tactics to “Destroy the Patriarchy”.

Here is a link to the e-book.

It is available in Australia from Booktopia here.

Here is the introduction to the book.

As women, we have been oppressed by men’s physical advantages over us since the beginning of humankind. But now, in today’s modern societies, the tables are finally turning. Especially with the advent of the Internet and social media, and the economy’s transition from manufacturing to information, women are leveraging their natural advantages (e.g., social skills, emotional intelligence, and communication) to gain power. You’ve probably utilized these advantages to some degree already, in one form or another. For example, as a child in school, I recall the boys using physical strength and aggression (e.g., punching) to bully girls. That was their power. Girls, on the other hand, used communication and accusation (e.g., spreading rumors) to undermine boys. This is our power !

It’s been suggested by many that this book has been written by a male victim who is a survivor of false allegations in an attempt to expose this issue. While it’s possible there is no evidence for this claim to date. There is an abundance of evidence that feminists and other misandrists do use the tactics outlined in this book. This is not rare, it is commonplace in our society and encouraged publicly by feminists throughout Australia.

If you’re a former feminist and you’re aware of feminists using the tactics in this book to harm innocent men and you’re willing to blow the whistle, we’d love to hear from you.

If you know of any other similar resources that teach women how to harm men please let us know in the comments.


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