Queens Are More Violent Than Kings

Queens Are More Violent Than Kings

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A feminist argued on our facebook page today that “White men created most wars”.

This is utterly ridiculous. We understand feminism teaches this nonsense but it’s not true and it’s not okay to go around saying stuff that isn’t true. There are so many young people who go to university and are taught this nonsense by feminist lecturers and assume that it’s actually true.

In their paper, published in the US National Bureau of Economic Research, the researchers, led by Ms Oeidrilla Dube and Mr S P Harish, wrote: ‘A common perspective posits that women are less violent than men, and therefore states led by women will be more peaceful than states led by men.’

Their findings suggest that Europe’s queens were 27 per cent more likely than its kings to wage war.

These results have been repeated several times in other studies.

Women are generally far more sensitive and higher in trait neuroticism than men. This is one reason of many why women are more likely to initiate unnecessary violence, in contrast to their male counterparts. Testosterone makes men more physically strong in comparison to women. For most average healthy men that testosterone is a stabiliser and results in decreased neuroticism. Sure, there are some men who have far too much testosterone and insufficient emotional regulation and therefore don’t manage their aggression well and will initiate violence unnecessarily. Society has developed a place for these men called prison and they get sent there quite readily.

Of course it isn’t always true that female leaders, especially amongst royalty, who are neurotic, unstable and start unnecessary wars. We can look at Queen Elizabeth 2 to see a very modest conservative humble royal leader who was very low in neuroticism and exemplified restraint of her use of power and led by example. But. The fact is, women when given supreme power, have used that power to exert unnecessary violence which has always resulted in men dying unnecessarily. This is one reason of many why most societies all over the world and throughout all time, have selected male leaders and are reluctant to trust women in the role.


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