The aim of DVAA is to raise awareness of the complexities of domestic violence in Australia with the ultimate hope of reducing or removing it.  If you’d like to share your story with our team you can via this form.  We’ll be in touch with you and will discuss the possibility of sharing it via our platforms.  We may not be able to for many reasons. 

We are opposed to doxxing or anything similar which is often used by feminist groups.  We believe the identity of the perpetrator and victim should be considered for protection so there is a reduced risk of vigilante or other punishment.  Punishment is not our agenda.  Raising awareness of domestic violence is.  Helping victims, and perpetrators, to recognise abusive behaviours and to manage themselves, and their responses, to resolve difficult interpersonal conflict in a non violent manner.  This is the aim.

If you have a scenario that you, or someone you know, is currently experiencing, please share it with us.  We’ll consider the story for publication and encourage professionals throughout Australia, including lawyers, other legal professionals, psychologists and law enforcement, to comment with opinions on how to manage the situation.

Please note that our organisation only exists to raise awareness.  We do not have the ability to assist anyone directly.  We might be able to assist with a referral to a service to assist you if you’re a female Australia.  There are many great services for women experiencing domestic violence in Australia.  There are very few available for men.  Nonetheless, regardless of gender we hope we might be able to refer you to get some assistance.  Part of the agenda of sharing these stories is to raise awareness for better services for all Australians experiencing domestic violence.





Would you like to help out?  Do you have a degree?  Are you a skilled writer?  Then get in touch with us.