Voice To Parliament: Australians Demand A Minister For Men

Voice To Parliament: Australians Demand A Minister For Men

Here at DVAA & Gender Equality Australia, we are in full support of a Voice To Parliament.

We believe it’s time that Aboriginal, English & Other Australian Men should be represented in the parliament that we pay for through our taxes. Taxation without representation is not acceptable or tenable. Australian men are not going to tolerate it anymore.

50% of the population are male. These Australian men come from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Australian women have had a Minister for Women for decades which we can all agree has been great for women. We are in full support of human rights for Australian women as defined by the UDHR.

Australian men have always been expected protect and provide for women without consideration of their well being or safety. About 100,000 men have died during war time conflict in service of Australia over the last 125 years. Australian women have never been obligated to fight for our country.

Here are some key issues Australian men face that are not being addressed by our government…

-Men die 4.9 years younger than women
-2/3 of all preventable deaths are men
-80% of suicides are men
-Men live last 11 years in poor health
-80% of the victims of violence
-99% of wartime deaths
-90% of child support payers
-Vast minority of child custody
-40% of university graduates
-60% more sentencing for same crime
-zero rights to reproduction or genital integrity (at birth)
-Men are 93%+ of workplace fatalities
-Men have Increased risk of dying from diabetes
-Men die in road accidents at much greater rates
-1 in 3 men die of cancer
-30% of spending power
-75% more boys fail year 12
-Men diagnosed with prostate Cancer, 50 a day
-Men seeking help from Police from DV, 70% are turned away
-Up to half of all victims of Domestic violence are men

Men are tired of paying for everything and not having our humanity recognised by our government.

We’ve been listening to men for years and here is a list of what Australian men want.

1. If a woman assaults a man in Australia we want the police to investigate her the same way they would as if the perpetrator was a man. We want to be able to go to any police station and report it without being laughed at and turned away. Men don’t expect special treatment but we do want to be treated approximately the same way Australian women are treated. Men acknowledge that some women are going to descend into domestic violence. Some men and women are going to engage in domestic violence. Australian men are opposed to domestic violence against women. Australian men are also opposed to domestic violence against men. Whenever a woman assaults a man we see Australian feminists supporting and publicly celebrating domestic violence against men.

2. Australian men demand that we have representation in parliament the same way women have enjoyed for decades. Every Australian man knows a man who has died unnecessarily because our government overtly and deliberately neglects men. This isn’t negotiable and every political party is guilty of disregarding men. This is a democracy. Men are 50% of the population. It’s not acceptable to not have representation.

3. Australian men are tired of double standards. Men accept consequences for their actions. If we believe in equality it’s time that women were treated as adults before the law. It’s not really equality if there is not equality of accountability, responsibility and consequences. It’s not equality if men can’t go to a police station to report a crime committed by a woman. It’s not equality if the prison population is 90%+ male. It’s not equality when Australian law enforcement drag their feet to prosecute female offenders. It’s not equality when women receive, on average 50% of the prison sentencing and fines that men receive when being sentenced for the same crime.

4. Australian men are taught from childhood to never hit a woman. Which is great. It’s time to start expecting women to behave themselves around men. It’s not okay to slap a man. It’s true that men are physically stronger and therefore can hit harder and can take a hit and are less likely to bruise and harm men physically. But Australian men are tired of working hard all day to provide for our families and our country to come home and be disrespected. This isn’t okay. Australian men are saying while we can take the hits, we don’t want to be hit. Australian men are dedicated to never hit a woman back. But we expect the same in return. If we’re not going to hit you back and you’re going to continue, we expect Australian laws, law enforcement, judges, juries and courts to respect women as adults and prosecute them equally as they have been toward men.

5. Australian men are tired of the false accusations and systemic abuse. Australian men want their daughters and sisters to be protected. Historically, it’s been the responsibility of fathers and brothers to protect women in their lives from wayward men. We now have laws and police to do this. This has created an opportunity for wayward women to use the system to ‘cry wolf’. Australian men don’t think that we should “believe all men”. Men know that is ridiculous. Just as ridiculous as it is when anyone else says it. We need to believe evidence through using consistent due process. It’s time to install harsh consequences for anyone who makes false allegations to law enforcement. We need to restore trust and faith in the system. Humanity has thrived when we valued characteristics such as merit, hard work, dedication, sacrifice, honesty, patience. It’s a peculiar trend that we place extraordinary value on someone’s identity, real or fabricated and whether they feel that they are somehow a victim.

Victims, who are genuinely in a situation when they are being victimised, should be supported proportionate to the objective factors in the situation which they are victim of. Being a victim, should be a momentary event, not an identity.

There is no good reason to celebrate and venerate an individual exclusively on the basis of their apparent victim status. The reason is that we need to be confident when someone, anyone, regardless of their identity, regardless if they are an Aboriginal woman from the dessert or wealthy white businessman in Sydney, they should receive the same treatment by our government, hospitals, police, courts and prisons. This is equality.


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