Volunteer Agreement Form

Domestic Violence Awareness Australia, hereon referred to as “DVAA”, is dedicated to providing egalitarian information, news and statistics via their websites and social media platforms, to all Australians.  Thanks for coming on board and helping out team to achieve this vital mission.  By signing this form you’re agreeing that while you’re supporting DVAA, and it’s other initiatives such as Gender Equality Australia, that you’re careful to follow these rules to protect yourself, the team and organisation.

Firstly, it’s important to understand and read and make sure you agree with our Guiding Documents. to our Code of Conduct while volunteering with us.  

We need to be mindful that there are many powerful hostile individuals and groups who wish to cause us harm collectively and individually.  Particular caution and strict rules need to be followed.

  1. You must not reveal to anyone your involvement with DVAA.  
  2. You must not reveal the involvement of any other DVAA team members.  
  3. You must agree to the points outlined in the DVAA Guiding Documents.





Would you like to help out?  Do you have a degree?  Are you a skilled writer?  Then get in touch with us.